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How to succeed your mixed couple

1/ Keep in mind that mixed marriage or not, marriage is the union of first two people who decide together to link their destiny and purpose in life.

2/ should learn about the culture and traditions of each other and ask questions about its own capacity to adapt.

A mixed marriage is not the systematic abandonment of education for the benefit of another, but the pooling of two often very different educations.

You have to have an open mind to take the best from each of educations and know always think critically and be compromised.

3/ To ask questions about the specific motivations to marry a person from another culture.

Try also to assess and understand what the other can push himself to engage with a person of a culture can be very different on many levels.

4/ Communication and discussion without taboos seems to me the sine qua non for a successful mixed marriage.

We may not agree on many things but we must stay the course and learn to prioritize what is really important: to share his life with the beloved.The obstacles will be many, but if the two parties have a real motivation, everything can be overcome on the basis of compromise following discussions and especially with the full and unconditional agreement to each of the intending spouses.

5/ Complementarity of two different cultures is a great value and mutual personal enrichment.

Learn and understand each other is the best way to better understand itself.

6/ We should never impose his views on various topics.

Try to find common ground that will overcome the differences and make it an asset to build a harmonious relationship.

7 /Another important point, a mixed marriage is a personal story that will unite two people.

It seems to me imperative to resist pressure from family or friends two sides of the intending spouses. A marriage is not made to please one or that one, we live in society and we need to adapt, it is obvious. But in any case the society in which it operates should take over and decide our focus on what is private.

Feelings and society are not forcings notions compliant.

It all boils down to the notion of priority and importance that one wants to give her marriage life with a person living in a different society.

8/ You should know to stay POSITIVE and OPTIMISTIC.

9/ A mixed marriage should not be a "fight" between what is good or bad in each culture.

Freedom of conscience and freedom to think and say will be valuable aids to overcome any cultural conflicts.

10/ Religious aspect is often one of the main aspects to be evaluated.

You can get married and keep his religious beliefs.

Love is not a matter of religion, love is a unique and universal membership of the loved feeling.

Love is insensitive to the place of birth or lifestyle. Love is not a lifestyle choice, love is a must obviously religion is often linked to education and our geographical origin.

Spirituality and beliefs greatly influence by place of birth and should not prevent intermarriage. However, we must not remove this and discuss all aspects with the person with whom you want to join.

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